How to Collapse Uppababy Stroller: A Comprehensive Guide for Parents

Uppababy strollers are a top choice for many parents due to their quality, innovative designs, and convenience. Collapsing an Uppababy stroller is essential for easy transportation and storage. In this guide, we’ll focus on the process of collapsing an Uppababy stroller, so parents can make the most of this versatile and convenient product. By following the steps provided, the Uppababy stroller can be collapsed with ease, making it the perfect companion for families on the go.

Steps to Collapse Your Uppababy Stroller

Engage the Brakes

Before starting the collapsing process, engage the brakes by pressing down firmly on the brake pedal at the rear of the stroller. This locks the wheels in place and prevents the stroller from rolling away while you work on it.  

Retract the Canopy

Next, retract the canopy to avoid any damage during the collapsing process. Grip the canopy’s front edge and gently push it back towards the handlebar until it’s fully retracted.  

Remove Stored Items

Before collapsing your stroller, make sure to remove any items stored in the under-seat basket or hanging from the handlebar. This will help prevent complications during the process. This includes diaper bags, toys, or any other accessories that may obstruct the folding mechanism.  

Lower the Handlebar

Adjust the handlebar to its lowest position by pressing the buttons on the sides and sliding it down until it clicks into place.  

Recline the Seat

Recline the stroller’s seat fully by pressing the recline button located on the back of the seat and pulling it towards you.  

Unlock the Frame

Lift the frame-locking lever located on the right side of the stroller, near the handlebar, to unlock the stroller’s frame.

Collapse the Stroller

To collapse the stroller, hold the handlebar with both hands and pull it upward and towards you. Continue tugging until the stroller is entirely deflated and secured into place.

Secure and Transport the Collapsed Uppababy Stroller

Attach the Strap

Once collapsed, secure the stroller by attaching the strap, typically found on the side of the stroller, to keep it folded and compact.  

Carry the Stroller

Once the stroller is securely collapsed and locked into place, it can be carried with ease using a handle or strap, if available on the specific model. This makes transportation hassle-free and convenient.   

Reopen the Collapsed Uppababy Stroller

Release the Strap

To reopen the stroller, start by releasing the securing strap, allowing the stroller to unfold freely.

Unfold the Stroller

Grip the handlebar firmly with both hands and gently push downward, expanding the stroller’s frame until it locks into place.

Adjust the Seat and Canopy

Finally, adjust the seat to the desired recline position and extend the canopy for shade and protection.

Tips for Collapsing Your Uppababy Stroller Efficiently

Regular Maintenance

Regularly inspect your Uppababy stroller for signs of wear, damage, or loose parts. This will help ensure that the collapsing process remains smooth and efficient.

Familiarize Yourself with Your Stroller

It’s a good idea to practice collapsing your Uppababy stroller model several times to become more comfortable and confident with the process.

Prioritize Safety

Before attempting to collapse your Uppababy stroller, make sure that your child is not in it. This will help prevent potential injuries and ensure a safe and smooth collapsing process.

Understand Different Models

Uppababy offers a variety of stroller models, each with unique features and collapsing mechanisms. To become more familiar with your Uppababy stroller model, read the user manual and watch instructional videos online. This will help you understand the features and specifications of your specific model. This understanding will help you collapse your Uppababy stroller quickly and correctly.  

Clean and Care for Your Stroller

To ensure a long life for your Uppababy stroller, it’s important to regularly clean and care for it in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Clean off the frame with a moist cloth and mild detergent, then hand-wash any fabric portions that require it. Keeping your Uppababy stroller in good condition through proper maintenance and cleaning will make the collapsing process smoother and more efficient.

Additional Accessories to Enhance Your Uppababy Stroller Experience

Travel Bag

Consider investing in an Uppababy travel bag to keep your stroller safe throughout traveling.. These bags are designed to fit specific Uppababy stroller models. Travel bags are available that are specifically designed to fit certain Uppababy stroller models. These bags offer added protection against scratches, dirt, and potential damage during travel.  

Cup Holder and Snack Tray

Adding a cup holder or snack tray to your Uppababy stroller can enhance your child’s comfort during outings. Cup holders and snack trays are helpful accessories for parents who want to keep their children happy and entertained while on the go.  

Rain Cover

A rain cover is an essential accessory for parents who live in regions with frequent rain or unpredictable weather. Uppababy provides custom-fit rain covers that protect your child from the rain, keeping them dry and comfortable on wet outings.  

Car Seat Adapter

If you plan on using your Uppababy stroller with an infant car seat, a car seat adapter is a must-have accessory. Uppababy offers adapters that work with a variety of car seat brands, allowing you to easily create a travel system for seamless transitions between your car and stroller.   


For parents living in colder climates, a footmuff is a valuable accessory to keep your child warm and cozy during winter outings. Uppababy provides footmuffs that are made specifically for their strollers, which ensures a perfect fit and provides the best warmth for your child.  

Troubleshooting Common Issues in Collapsing an Uppababy Stroller

Stroller Won’t Collapse

If your Uppababy stroller refuses to collapse, double-check that all items have been removed from the storage areas and that the handlebar is in its lowest position. Additionally, ensure the frame-locking lever is fully disengaged before attempting to fold the stroller.

Stroller Won’t Lock in Collapsed Position

If the stroller doesn’t lock in the collapsed position, inspect the locking mechanism for debris or damage. Clear any obstructions, and if the problem persists, contact Uppababy customer support for assistance.


Learning how to collapse an Uppababy stroller may seem difficult at first, but this guide provides easy steps to make the process simple and efficient. By practicing regularly and taking care of your stroller, you can enjoy its convenience and versatility for your family’s needs. Investing in additional accessories can enhance your experience even more. Understanding your stroller’s unique features and troubleshooting common issues will make collapsing it easy. This way, you can focus on making special moments with your family.


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