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No doubt, when you have a cute little baby you must go on outings frequently and if you are in no mood to go out you must go just to make the company of your little one happy. For all this you will need a jogging stroller. Bob stroller is the perfect choice in this regard. 

The Bob jogging stroller is effortless to push and run with on any terrain in Terraria, and it has the durability to last up to four years. However, its reclining options are limited, and it has insufficient storage space.

Now, What’s about its brand?

About Bob (Brand)

Bob is a famous American brand which holds a reputation in creating jogging or running strollers, trailer cycles and other essential needs for parents having babies. Roger Malinowski and Phillip Novotny joined forces in 1994 to establish Bob Stroller, a brand dedicated to producing high-quality strollers for active families.. In profession, Malinowski was a bicycling expert or Novotny was an aircraft engineer. At their initial encounter, Novotny was involved in the production and sale of a modified cruiser bike, which he had named the YAK

From novontsy products,  Malinowski instantly identifies an opportunity to establish a flourishing business. 

Firstly, they started with the name “ Beast of Burden” but it was not holding a reputation according to their expectations So, they decided to alter the name by “BOB” a unique and simple name, which will definitely grab people’s attention.

Following the introduction of the first BOB stroller, the Sport Utility Stroller, to the market, customers began to request a two-seat stroller, which led to the creation of the Sport Utility Duallie. In 2005, BOB strollers with a front wheel that swivels, like the Revolution, were also introduced. The brand was acquired by Britax in 2011.

What Makes Bob Stroller Popular Among Parents?

BOB strollers are popular among many parents due to their three-wheeled design, which makes them suitable for jogging or a leisurely stroll, and their compact size that complies with Disney park stroller restrictions.

Despite the millions of kids who have enjoyed rides in BOB strollers, some parents who previously swore by them are growing worried, especially if they own a stroller made before 2015. According to The Washington Post, there have been numerous crashes resulting in injuries to both adults and children due to the sudden failure of the quick-release front wheel on these popular three-wheeled jogging strollers.

Different Types of BOB Strollers 

  • BOB Rambler Stroller
  • BOB Ironman Stroller
  • BOB Revolution Flex Stroller
  • Alterrain Pro Jogging Stroller
  • BOB Revolution Pro Stroller

Best Bob Strollers Reviews

  1. BOB Rambler Stroller Reviews

Stroller Specifications

Weight25 lbs
Maximum Weight Limit75 lbs
Handlebar height39.5
Vertical Measurement (Seat to Canopy Height)21

The BOB Rambler jogging stroller is a smaller rendition of the well-received BOB Revolution Flex model. While it is designed to be more space-efficient and offers slightly fewer features, it comes with a more affordable price tag that is approximately $150 less than the Flex. Essentially, it can be considered as a budget-friendly alternative to the Flex. Now, let’s delve into the details of it, its key features, what’s good, what’s not good.

What People Like!

  • Large Canopy

Bob rambler stroller comes with two large panel canopy (SPF 50+) that shield your baby by providing full coverage. Although the Bob Stroller features a spacious peekaboo window, some parents may find the plastic window with a Velcro closure less appealing than a mesh window equipped with a magnetic closure. The Velcro closure can be noisy, and a magnetic closure would be much quieter. Additionally, a mesh window would provide better airflow and visibility than the plastic window.

  • Hand strap

For added safety while jogging, the Bob Stroller is equipped with a runaway strap. This strap helps prevent the stroller from running away in case it gets away from you. Additionally, the strap doubles as a lock for the stroller when it’s folded since there is no automatic lock mechanism.

  • Storage Basket

The stroller’s storage bin is spacious enough to accommodate a large diaper bag, and it can hold up to 10 lbs of weight. It offers convenient rear and side access for easy retrieval of items. 

  • Comfortable seat

The stroller’s seat is designed with a sling-style construction and features a stationary leg rest and compact footrest. Its near-flat recline function makes it an ideal spot for your child to rest and take a nap. The thermo-molded materials used to make the seat promote breathability, and they provide excellent support for your little one’s body.

  • Large wheels

The BOB Rambler stroller features high-impact polymer wheels that are suitable for off-road use. The front wheels can swivel or lock straight for rougher terrain, Its important to consider they do require air and a tire pump.

  • Car Seat Compatible

The BOB Rambler stroller has the ability to work with multiple infant car seat models. This means that by purchasing a compatible adapter, you can attach certain infant car seats to the stroller, allowing you to use it as a travel system. 

This feature can be useful for parents who want to easily transition their child from the car to the stroller without disrupting their sleep or comfort.

  • Sturdy Frame

It has a sturdy frame with no flex and wheels that spin with little resistance, providing a smooth and easy ride for your child while allowing you to navigate with ease.

  • 5-point harness 

The Bob Rambler stroller comes with a 5-point harness that can be conveniently adjusted without the need to rethread the straps. It features comfortable padding, a simple center release buckle, and convenient waist strap attachments. The waist straps can also be adjusted with two red rings.

What People Do not Like!

  • Heavy To Lift And Carry

Stroller may be heavy to lift and carry, and larger size may make it hard to maneuver and transport.

  • No Automatic Lock

It does not have an automatic lock feature when folded, which could make it more challenging to secure and transport.

  • Non-Adjustable Handle Bar

The handlebar is non-adjustable, which may not be ideal for parents or caregivers of varying heights.

  1. BOB Ironman Stroller Reviews

Stroller Specifications

Weight23 lbs
Maximum Weight Limit70 lbs
Folded dimensions41″L x 25.5″W x 18″H
Handlebar height40
Vertical Measurement (Seat to Canopy Height)23

The BOB Ironman stroller is the ultimate running companion for dedicated joggers who are preparing for endurance events. Its sleek and streamlined design is tailored specifically for serious runners, and it has even earned the prestigious distinction of being the official stroller of the Ironman Triathlon – a grueling long-distance race hosted by the World Triathlon Corporation in Hawaii.

Packed with safety features such as a 5-point harness, hand brake, and wrist strap, this stroller ensures the utmost security for your child. Additionally, it offers a convenient double option referred to as the ‘Duallie’, providing ample space for multiple children.

What People Like!

  • Huge Canopy

Featuring an oversized canopy that offers full sun protection and a generously-sized peekaboo window, this stroller is a great solution for parents of sun-sensitive children. Mostly parents, appreciate the ample coverage provided by its canopy.

  • Ease of Use

The Bob Ironman stroller is built to prioritize user-friendliness and effortless handling. It features a lightweight yet sturdy construction that allows for effortless maneuverability while jogging or running, making it easy to navigate through various terrains. 

  • Seat Padding

The stroller’s seat is impressively spacious, measuring 15 inches in width and 23 inches in height from the backrest to the canopy. The padding on this model is noticeably superior to previous versions, with plush cushioning along both the bottom and back of the seat. 

For added comfort, the seat also features a detachable back support that ensures your child remains cozy and snug throughout your outings.

  • Mesh Pockets

The stroller includes two mesh pockets located on either side of the seat, which are ideal for storing snacks or toys within easy reach of your child. These pockets provide a convenient and accessible storage solution, allowing you to keep your child entertained and fed without having to rummage through a diaper bag or backpack.

  • Single Action Brakes

The BOB Ironman stroller boasts user-friendly single-action brakes that are effortless to set and release, thanks to the red pedal located between the back wheels that is also foot-friendly for sandal wearers. The stroller also features an easy-to-use handbrake for smooth deceleration.

  • Large Storage Basket

The stroller’s sizeable storage basket can be accessed from various directions and is larger than most jogging strollers, accommodating a medium-sized diaper bag or other essentials.

  • Suspension System

The stroller’s adjustable suspension system offers two positions: one for children up to 40 lbs and another for those between 41-70 lbs.

What People Do Not Like!

  • Non-Adjustable Handle Bar

Similar to other BOB strollers, the handle of this one is not adjustable. It would be great if BOB could take note of this and address it in their next release.

  • Two-step fold

Many strollers boast a one-step fold as a primary feature. Besides them, bob Ironman Stroller comes with two step folding mechanism. Bob could make their stroller more exceptional by designing one step folding feature.

  1. Bob Revolution Flex Stroller Reviews

Stroller Specifications

Open Width25.4 inches
Maximum Weight Limit75 pounds
Dimensions25.4”W x 43” H x 44” D
Folded dimensions39“ L x 25.4“ W x 16“ H
Handlebar height34.5 to 48 inches
Weight28.5 pounds
Chassis materialAluminium

The bob revolution flex stroller is the newest version of popular BOB brand compared to in $’s category. Meanwhile, we often joke that a mere gust of wind on the handlebars from behind would set the BOB stroller in motion. 

  • Ultra-Padded

For the comfort of your child, the bob revolution flex comes with ultra paded feature. Its ultra padding feature means that it has extra cushing or padding in various areas of stroller for the comfort of both parents and the child.

  • Reclining Seat

With the one-hand recline adjustment feature of the stroller, you can easily recline the seat by squeezing a button, allowing for a quick and effortless adjustment. One of the most amazon features includes the seat comes with mesh pockets which can easily store the accessories of your little ones like their toys, snack etc. 

  • Adjustable Canopy With Peek A Boo Window

This stroller has a big, adjustable canopy with a vinyl peekaboo window and a mesh ventilation panel. The peekaboo window now closes with magnets instead of Velcro for easier and quieter access to your child.

  • Durable Composite Wheels 

Equipped with ultra-durable polymer composite wheels with pneumatic tires and tubes, the stroller can easily handle rugged and rough terrain. If you plan on going off-road, these wheels are a must-have.

  • Low-Lying Cargo Holder

The bob revolution stroller comes with a low lying cargo basket, which provides a convenient stoage option for items located underneath the seat. Obviously, low lying cargo holder is truly awesome. Besides, if you want to store even more items theres also a seatback pocket fo your Gadgets and accouterments.

  • Lockable Swiveling Single Front Wheel

It features a swiveling front wheel for effortless maneuverability. You can lock the front wheel for added stability while jogging or navigating rough terrain, and quickly adjust the front wheel tracking to keep you moving in a straight line. This stroller offers a smooth and comfortable ride wherever you go. 

What People Do Not Like!

  • Fabric Cannot Be Removed For Cleaning

The seat fabric can’t be removed for washing, so it needs to be spot cleaned by hand. It’s essential to address any spills promptly and take care not to damage the material.

  • Second Seat Can Not Be Attached

This stroller is not designed to accommodate the attachment of second seat which could be a disadvantage for parents who require the option to transport multiple children simultaneously. After all, this limitation may prompt those in need of a double stroller to consider alternative models that can accommodate multiple seats.

  1. Alterrain Pro Jogging Stroller Reviews

Stroller Specifications

Weight31.4 lbs
Dimensions‎46 x 25.5 x 45.5 inches
Folded dimensions  25.4″W x 17.3″H x 39.5″L
Handlebar height31 to 48 inches
Max Weight Recommendations4.99 Kilograms

The Alterrain Pro is an exceptional jogging stroller with off-road capabilities that make it a perfect choice for those who enjoy jogging on trails. Even though it may not be necessary for those who jog on smooth roads, this stroller is an excellent option for parents who want a versatile stroller that can handle any terrain. 

Its off-road capabilities set it apart from other strollers, making it an outstanding investment for parents who value durability and flexibility.

What People Like!

  • Amazing Suspension System

As we know, the best BOB strollers are equipped with suspension systems typically used in mountain bikes, providing a comfortable ride for your child even on rough terrain. Their latest model, the Alterrain Pro, has an improved suspension system known as Smoothshox, which is difficult to explain in technical terms but can attest to its exceptional handling capabilities.

  • Durable Frame

Its durable frame ensures that the stroller remains sturdy and secure, providing a safe and comfortable ride for your child. Additionally, a strong frame can increase the stroller’s lifespan, making it a worthwhile investment for parents who enjoy outdoor activities and regular exercise.

  • Excellent Steering Capabilities 

The Alterrain Pro Jogging Stroller features a front wheel that can be easily locked or unlocked, providing the option for a full 360-degree swivel. Additionally, it features an adjustable front wheel tracking knob, which enables easy fine-tuning of the wheel position. The stroller is also equipped with high-quality bearings in the wheels, providing smooth and effortless turning.

  • Equipped with Large Air-Filled Tires

Similar to other off-road jogging strollers, the Alterrain Pro is equipped with three spacious air-filled tires that effortlessly navigate over rough terrain without jarring your child. These tires are of good quality, making them less prone to puncture. However, it’s still recommended to add tire slime to prevent flats.

  • Proper Ventilation

The Alterrain Pro Jogging Stroller has ventilation features built into both the canopy and the seat. The inclusion of air-filled tires on the Alterrain Pro ensures that your baby experiences a comfortable and cool ride, regardless of the outside temperature. The ventilation system allows for adequate air flow and helps to prevent overheating.

What People Do not Like!

  • Poor Standing Stability

Although the Alterrain Pro has the ability to stand on its own when folded, it tends to tip over easily which can lead to an inconvenience. However, this minor issue can quickly turn into a bigger problem if the dirty stroller falls onto a wall and leaves a stain.

  • Snack Tray Not Included

It would be nice to have a snack tray included with the pricey stroller, along with other accessories like the console with a cup holder that are sold separately and can be expensive. 

Overview Of Bob Stroller Accessories

As Bob producing high quality strollers for active lifestyle it also offers a wide range of stroller accessories. No doubt, accessories provides convenience at both ends. In addition, it allows you to conveniently store and access all your baby essentials during your strolls. The accessories provided by BOB includes:

  • Car seat Adapters
  • snack trays
  • Handlebar Consoles
  • Weather shields
  • Sun Shield
  • Tire Pump

Car Seat Adapters

The car seat adapters designed for BOB jogging strollers are specific to particular brands and models of infant car seats. While these adapters can be used on various BOB jogging stroller models, they are not universal for infant car seats.

Handlebar Consoles

The BOB handlebar console serves a similar purpose for parents as the snack tray does for children. Designed to fit on the stroller’s handlebar, this accessory is essential for BOB strollers as it offers a convenient location to hold drinks within easy reach for parents.

With the BOB handlebar console, you can keep your beverages insulated and have a dedicated spot to organize snacks, keys, phones, and other essentials in the spacious center pocket. Additionally, there is a secure storage pocket at the rear. Attaching the handlebar console is simple, utilizing four hook-and-loop attachment straps.

Snack Trays

A child tray is a useful accessory that helps ensure your baby’s food and drinks are easily accessible during stroller rides. The Bob child snack tray offers ample space for placing your baby’s snacks and includes a cup holder for holding drinking bottles or sippy cups.

Weather Shields

The Weather Shield is a must-have accessory for any parent shopping for BOB stroller accessories. Its water and wind-resistant PU-coated nylon shell effectively protects your baby from the elements, keeping them dry and warm. 

However, it’s worth noting that the Weather Shield can become hot inside, particularly in regions with warm summers. To alleviate this, it’s recommended to keep the vents open.

Sun Shield

The BOB Gear Sun Shield is specifically designed to shield your baby from harmful UV rays that can cause skin damage. Additionally, it offers protection from wind and flying insects, ensuring a safe and comfortable ride.

Tire Pump

The tire pump is a useful and efficient tool that helps quickly inflate stroller tires. It simplifies the process of adjusting tire pressure to the appropriate level.

Tips For Maintaining Your Bob Stroller

  • Regularly wipe down the stroller with a damp cloth to remove dirt, dust, and debris.
  • To prevent rust and damage, it is recommended to store the stroller in a dry and cool area when not in use.
  • Regularly check the tires for signs of wear and tear, and make sure that they are inflated to the appropriate pressure.
  • Apply lubricant to the stroller’s moving parts, such as the wheels and joints, to keep them operating smoothly.
  •  Always refer to the BOB stroller manual for specific care instructions and maintenance tips.


To sum up, after discussing the various types of BOB strollers and their features, it is evident that they are a top choice for parents and their children when going out and about. With their ability to navigate tough terrain, they offer both comfort and convenience. The decision of which type to opt for will ultimately vary depending on your personal requirements and preferences.

If you have any queries or apprehensions, do not hesitate to leave them in the comments section below, and we will be delighted to help you out.


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