Can You Put A Newborn in A Stroller

The stroller is basically a pushchair for your baby. A small kind of transport with four wheels. You can carry your child anywhere due to this small pushchair. Stroller is very feasible for a parent’s daily routine. The strollers are a very good product for everyday activities like you can use this stroller in grocery stores, in hospitals, in parks, in gardens and anywhere you want to go. This baby stroller is very easy to ride with you.

Nowadays, all brands are providing various models in strollers. All strollers have different accessories and specialties. But yes, all are very convenient and good for you and your baby too. There are many other types of strollers in the market. Some parents are asking, “When can you put a newborn in a stroller?  Even some strollers may be used for newborns. They are very secure and protective for your newborn. Many strollers have very good recline and harness systems. Buckles in very good quality can tie your newborn with love and comfort.

All companies are working on your issue which is when can you put a newborn in a stroller?
Different strollers come in the market with baby car seats with belts. Which are more convenient for travel.

Here are different types of strollers for your feasibility:

Standard stroller:
Full size strollers called standard strollers. The standard strollers are mostly used for laying your baby on their back and these strollers are free size. You never had a weight issue on it. These standard strollers are designed for newborn to few months of growth.

Travel stroller:
These types of strollers have a proper travel system. The travel strollers have an infant’s car seat. Basically these strollers have a single seat system. The stroller seat can be used as a car seat for infants and after that you can use the seat for toddlers. This travel system is very easy to use.

Jogging stroller:
The jogging strollers are very smooth during the ride. Some parents have a daily tough routine. These strollers are for those who are striked in their jogging routine.

Double seated stroller:
These strollers are best for those who have twins or two children. These strollers have one seat forward and the other is back of the seat. You can sit or lay your infants and your toddler can stand or sit behind the baby seat.

Sided double stroller:
These strollers are also for twins or two children. These stroller seats are side by side together. Now you can take your both children with you.

Umbrella or low weight stroller:
These strollers are normally very cheap. These strollers are normally used for older children or toddlers. You can not use these strollers for infants or newborn. Because head support is very small for your child in this lightweight stroller.

When Can You Put A Newborn In A Stroller?

There is no exact age for riding in the stroller. Every child has their own personality and stamina. Mostly toddlers and children up to 2-3 months can ride safely. When you notice that your baby is holding head. And he or she can support themselves.

If you are confused about your baby, can you put a newborn in the stroller, then search for more products like stroller. For example  There are bassinets and wagons available in the market. You can put a newborn on it. These are very safe for newborns. These wagons and bassinets are in a fully flat position. Your baby does not need extra power to hold his or her head.  You can use these products from birth to 3 months. Once your baby is holding head then you can shift your child in a normal stroller without any tension.

What Should I Do?

It is a fact that you should avoid using strollers for newborns. Because a newborn needs to continuously watch. Once your newborn lays down in the stroller you can not check your baby properly. If you are confused about whether you can put a newborn in the stroller then have a check on other products like strollers.

One best option are you can buy a pram or bassinet stroller. Like your toddler, a newborn also needs fresh air and a healthy environment. But here is an issue about folding. It may take more space when you are going out with your baby. In short, this bassinet has space issues.

You can avail other option, that is a convertible stroller. This stroller is perfect for a toddler and for a newborn too. These strollers are coming in the market with baby seats. Which is more comfortable and convenient for your baby? You can also convert a stroller seat into a car seat.

When your baby grows up, you can convert your stroller into a normal and standard stroller. And another big advantage is that you can add one more seat with this stroller for your next baby.

Finish Up:

If you want to buy a stroller you should purchase a good quality product. Because the first priority is the protection of your child. And to answer your question” Can you put a newborn in a stroller?” always check on your baby’s health. Because every child has their own stamina and health.

Here are some best strollers for your newborn:

1- Maxi-Cosi Zelia 5-in-1 Modular Travel system

The maxi-cosi stroller is very comfortable and easy for your child. This stroller has a very cozy and comfortable seat for your baby. This stroller can be used for toddler and newborns.

The maxi cosi is incredible in a newborn car seat. The maxi cosi stroller car seat is beautiful and stylish. And this stroller car seat has an excellent harness and recline system. And another big edge is that the car set is movable. 

You can replace the car seat with your baby from the car to the stroller back. You can change the position of the car seat back and forward.

This stroller has many accessories like a big canopy, strong wheels, front tray, adjustable handle and a big storage basket.

2- BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller:

This stroller is also a very awesome stroller. The rubber tires give the stroller a smooth ride, so your child will not disturb you during sleep.  These tires can run any kind of hard way. 

An adjustable handlebar is very easy to hold. Parents can adjust the handlebar according to their height. 

Extra storage basket and pockets are amazing. You can use this space for you and for your baby accessories.

The BOB infant stroller has a strong travel system. Car seat is also of good quality.

3- Britax B-Lively Double Stroller, Raven – Quick Self Standing Fold, Adjustable Handlebar, Strong Wheels:

Britax B is providing a very beautiful double stroller with a baby car seat. This stroller has an adjustable handlebar. The handlebar can be adjusted to your height. 

It has a good travel system for your baby.

Extra storage enhances the beauty of stroller.

Newborn to 50 pounds weight can bear this stroller.


Can I use the stroller for my newborn without the car seat?
Yes you can use it without a car seat for your tiny angel. But make sure the belts are tied properly.

Can I jog with my newborn?
No you can not jog with your newborn. It will be harmful for the newborn. You can jog when your child is 5 or 6 months old. Then you can use a jogging stroller for your baby.

Can I use a baby bassinet for travel?
Hmm! You can use it. But the bassinet will take more space in your car. And the bassinet does not have a baby car seat. Now the choice is yours.


You can put a newborn in the stroller. You can use the stroller without a car seat. But make sure buckles are tied correctly. Babies also need an airy environment and sunlight for vitamins.

The stroller is a gift for parents. They also need comfort during work at home or in offices. If you want to go out and you can not leave your children at home and it is also very difficult to carry with you, use a baby stroller. You will feel free.

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