How to Make A Diaper Stroller (Step by Step)

The baby stroller is a very good and easy to drive for your baby. There are many methods of baby riding in different countries; however stroller is much common method. The stroller is easy to use and easy to carry with you when you are traveling, this is most beneficial and helpful both of you. You can make a diaper stroller for gifting. 


You can make this stroller with any your favorite brand. You can fill this stroller with your favorite gifts. And you can decorate the stroller in your own way. Making of diaper stroller is a fun. You will feel happy during this process. It should not take your more time. 

Here are some simple steps of making your diaper stroller

IDEAL SIZE: First of all the ideal size of diaper is 1 for making diaper stroller for new born. People try many different methods for making stroller. Many of them are difficult. So make a list of things for your desired baby stroller. When your baby is new born then 1 size diaper is the best size to use.

If you are expected more babies then one, then you can use different type of diapers for your stroller. 

WHEEL FORM: You will need six to eight diapers for making wheel. Six to eight diapers can make a perfect wheel. You will curl the diaper each other and use rubber band for tie. Make sure that the wheels are strong and they can bear the weight of stroller.

  • Always remember that diaper stroller has four wheels. For making wheels you will need almost 24 to 32 diapers.
  • For make your ideal stroller wheels, you should use colorful ribbon or color full tapes to hold them together.

Observe the method of making axles for the wheels:

Tissue paper is most important part of every home. You can use paper tissue tube for making axles for the wheels. Take a tissue paper tube and fill hole with paper towel so it will become the center area of wheel. Two roll paper tubes are required. Now putt one roll between the two diaper tiers.

  • You can put any gift in small hole. 

Wheels connection: 

Make two same rolls with paper towel tube and four wheels

with diapers. Now you putt roll between the diapers tiers. Like this two different wheels will connect with same roll. Now you have two pairs of connected wheels.

  • The connection of wheels will make your stroller strong. 

Make the stroller carriage: 

The carriage of the stroller is basic part of stroller. The stroller will make with almost 30 to 40 diapers. Make a bundle of diapers and attach them with tape. You can use rubber band for connect them.

  • You can put a tiny beautiful blanket on it; you can consider it a nice gift. But this is not compulsory. 

A pillow for the diaper stroller: 

You can make a small and beautiful pillow. Take 5 to 6 small diapers and connect them with tape. It is very easy to use.

Make a canopy or a hood of the stroller: 

Take 12 or 14 diapers for canopy, and shape them in curves. And tape them together in curve shape.

You can use a small blanket for design. Fold the blanket and put on the diaper hook.

Decoration and finishing of diaper stroller

Now the diaper stroller is ready. You have a form of stroller, now you can decorate any kind of things like ribbon, flowers or cards. You can use balloons, tiny colorful plastic bottles for decoration.

  • You can attach a tiny card with the name of baby on diaper stroller. 

Gifting idea:

If you want to give more gifts then you can use your diaper stroller. Wrap the gifts properly and fill the stroller carriage.

  • You can gift clothes, blanket, dolls, stuffed toys, and baby bag. 


Q1: How many diapers we need to make a diaper stroller? 

You can estimate easily. Remember that you will make four wheels, carriage and a hood too. You need 24 to 32 diapers just for wheels. Make sure you have enough diapers. 

Q2: Which diapers are best for making stroller?

You can choose any brand do you like. Just make sure that size of diaper is correct. 

Q3: Can we use a box in the diaper stroller? 

Yes you can use box. If you want good shape in stroller you can use box. Some of people cannot make perfect shape with diapers then box will good hack for them. 


The diaper stroller is good option for gift. This is very easy to make. You can make the diaper stroller more beautiful and shiny. You can put other gifts in it like stuffed toys, baby clothes, feeders, powder and blanket etc.

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