Can I Rent A Stroller At Disney World

If you’re planning a trip to Disney World with your little ones, you might be wondering whether you should bring your own stroller or rent one on site. 

Fortunately, Disney World offers stroller rentals at all of its theme parks and water parks, making it easy and convenient for families to enjoy their time at the happiest place on earth.

Today, I am going to elaborate the most important question: Can I Rent A Stroller At Disney World? and some of the most common questions parents have about renting strollers at Disney World. What can be the pros and cons if you bring your own stroller and provide superb tips to make your experience as smooth as possible. Buckle up and get ready for a journey into the world of Disney!!

Should You Rent Strollers At Disney Parks?

Having a stroller with you can really make your day at Disney Parks more enjoyable and stress-free. It’s crucial to remember that visiting Disney parks entails a significant amount of walking.

Bringing a stroller along can make your day at the park so much easier! Your child will have a comfortable place to take a break whenever they need to, and you can use it to carry all the essentials you need. Personally, I love to recommend it to mothers having young childrens with them. But the most crucial thing is to know where you can rent a stroller at disney world.

From Where Can I Rent a Stroller At Disney World?

However, you often encounter this question: where can I rent a stroller at disney world? You can rent strollers at Disney Parks and Disney Springs. But, It is not possible to rent strollers at Downtown Disney in California. You can easily find rental locations using the Disney app.

Here, I will show you the table which will make easy for you to find the rental locations:

Stroller Rental AreaLocation
Magic KingdomUpon entering the park, the front train station can be found inside.
Hollywood Studios Immediately to the right after entering Oscar’s Super Service.
EPCOTTwo entrances: World Traveler shop by International Gateway entrance, and Stroller/Wheelchair Rentals left of Spaceship Earth.
Disney SpringsIn Sundries, situated in close proximity to the Orange garage.
Animal KingdomOn the right-hand side, just inside the doorway at Garden Gate Gifts, can be found immediately.

Alternative Stroller Rental Services at Disney World!

However, apart from the above resorts, you have some other options available. You have the option to rent a stroller from a company like Buena Vista Rentals, which allows you to take the stroller with you anywhere in Disney World, giving you more freedom to move around.

Disney has a recommended stroller rental company called ScooterBug. They will bring the stroller right to your Disney resort, and you don’t have to be there when it arrives. Disney staff will handle the delivery on your behalf.

It is important to note that other third-party stroller rental companies may require you to be present at the resort to pick up the stroller at the time of delivery.

If you want to rent a stroller from ScooterBug, you can order it ahead of time by visiting their website or by calling (800) 726-8284. The rental cost varies from $11.25 to $25 per day, depending on which stroller you select. Now’s the time to learn more of the cost of rental strollers:

What Is The Rental Cost For A Stroller At Disney World? – Cost Considerations!!

Single Stroller Cost

This stroller is suitable for children weighing 50 pounds or less. For renting a stroller, the fee is $15 per day or $13 per day for multi-day rentals.  If you rent a stroller at Disney Springs, you need to provide a credit card deposit of $100 USD.

Double Stroller Cost

Weight limit recommended for this stroller is up to 100-pound children. The rental fee for this stroller is $31 per day, and for multi-day rentals, the fee is $27 per day for the entire length of your stay.

Return and Replacement Policy

When renting a stroller from Disney or one of its approved providers, it is crucial to return it to a rental location before exiting the theme park. Keep in mind that strollers cannot be taken outside of the parks. In case you are planning to visit multiple parks in a day, you may get a replacement stroller by showing your rental receipt at another park.

In the event that you misplace your rented stroller, don’t worry! You can get a replacement stroller from various locations in the resort with your rental receipt, subject to availability. It’s a good idea to keep your receipt with you at all times during your stay at Disney World.

What Should I Do If My Stroller Rental Is Stolen or Lost?

If you lose your rented stroller or it gets stolen, you should tell the stroller rental location right away. By informing the staff of your stroller rental, they will be able to help you locate it or provide a replacement if needed.

If you delay reporting the loss, you may be held liable for the full cost of the stroller if it is not returned. Thus, it’s recommended to be mindful of it. Meanwhile, this will assist them to fix the problem faster and give you a better chance of getting a solution.

How Many Strollers Can I Rent At Once At Disney World?

When you’re renting strollers, you’re not limited to a specific number of strollers you can rent at once. There is no limit on the number of strollers you can rent, but you should note that each stroller needs to be paid for separately.

This means that the rental fee for one stroller is not going to cover the cost of renting multiple strollers. In case you require multiple strollers, you will have to pay for each one separately.

Moreover , be sure to return all the strollers you rent in good condition and on time to avoid any additional fees or charges.

Stroller Requirements Specified By Disney World

In brief, their specific requirements include a maximum size of 31″ (79 cm) width and 52″ (132 cm) length your stroller has to. Just to clarify, stroller wagons, which are a type of stroller that can be pushed like a traditional stroller but have a wagon-like design, are not allowed for rental. This is simply a rule that they have in place.

While stroller wagons may seem like a convenient option, they do not offer them for rent either. Whereas, there are other types of strollers available that are safe and easy to use.

Can You Bring Your Own Stroller To Disney World? – Its Pros And Cons!!

As we know Disney strollers have their specific policies on bringing strollers such as their weight, size, length, etc. Also, the stroller wagons are not allowed, due to some of these restrictions. 

Here! Is it permissible to bring your own stroller to Disney World or not? Obviously, you can bring your stroller to Disney but here is the point to be noted you can bring it in case you are fulfilling their requirements as we discussed above. 

After all, you don’t need to worry about if you plan a stroller from Disney World you have to fulfill them in order to bring your own stroller. Here, I have outlined some pros and cons to assist you in making a prospective decision.

👍Pros Of UsingYour Own Stroller To Disney World

  • By bringing your own stroller, you can be certain of its suitability and avoid any uncertainty associated with renting one.
  • It provides certainty and eliminates the guesswork.
  • You won’t need to spend money on stroller rentals during your vacation.
  • Provides convenience while flying, usually free of charge when checked as baggage, which is helpful when flying to Disney World.
  • It’s well-understood how your own stroller works and can rely on its comfort and features.

👎Cons Of Using Your Own Stroller To Disney World

  • Traveling with a stroller can be inconvenient due to the need to carry it around everywhere, such as at the airport, hotel, and buses.
  • To avoid the hassle of carrying a stroller, it’s better to consider renting one if you only need for theme park visits instead of bringing your own.

Some Important Tips For Stroller Rental At Disney World!!

Walking at Disney can be tiring, especially for little ones, so consider renting a stroller to make the experience more comfortable for your child. Even if they don’t typically use a stroller at home, it may be worth it for a long day at the theme park.

  1. If your stroller rental goes missing, don’t worry! At the stroller rental location, you can effortlessly get a replacement stroller at no extra charge.
  1. It’s important not to leave any valuable items on the stroller, as Disney’s busy atmosphere can attract pickpockets and thieves.
  1. Stroller parking areas can get crowded, so it’s a good idea to tie something (like a balloon or scarf) to your stroller handle or use a stroller tag to make it easier to spot in a sea of similar strollers.
  1. If you have a child who may need to nap in the stroller, it is advisable to consider renting a double stroller. Bringing along a blanket or pillow can help them get cozy in the wider seat. 

Pro Tip: Some Disney visitors have reported that stroller theft has become a common issue, so it’s essential to take precautions to prevent your stroller from being stolen. This could include using a stroller lock or keeping your stroller in sight at all times.

Conclusion – Can I Rent A Stroller At Disney World?

In short, If you’re heading to Disney World with little ones, you can rent strollers at the park, or even rent them from outside companies. Ensure that your personal stroller complies with Disney’s regulations if you plan to bring it along. Don’t worry about losing your rental stroller, you can get a replacement easily. 

Just make sure to tie something unique to it to help spot it in crowded areas. Now you can enjoy a stress-free and comfortable day at Disney World!


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