When To Use A Stroller Without A Car Seat

As an adult and a responsible parent, you have to deal with a number of chores throughout the day. Some chores demand you to run errands, and you are almost paralyzed without your car. When you have an infant, going out in a car without a stroller or a car seat is out of the question. The safety of the baby is the parent’s first concern. Getting a stroller and a car seat is mandatory to ensure your baby is unharmed.

Worried about “which kind of car seat should you get” or “when can baby sit in stroller chicco”, this blog post will help answer your queries about Chicco keyfit 30 stroller when to use without car seat, before you get your baby a brand new stroller

Best Stroller To Use Without A Car Seat: Chicco Keyfit 30 Stroller

Chicco Keyfit 30 is your best option when it comes to getting a stroller without a car seat. If you are wondering why this is so, keep reading the specifications and features of this stroller to get your doubts cleared. However, if you want a stroller with a car seat, Chicco Bravo LE is an all-in-one stroller that will stay with your newborn till they become a toddler. 

Chicco Bravo LE is a three tire stroller:

1. Bravo stroller 

2. Keyfit 30 zip infant car seat 

3. Car seat base

Bravo stroller- Specification 

  • chicco bravo car seat weight limit is upto 50 pounds 
  • It weighs 23 pounds
  • It has an infant car seat for children aged o to 6 months 
  • It is foldable, making it easy to travel with 
  • The size when it is not folded is 43×35.5×21.75 inches
  • The size when it is folded is 28x16x21.75 inches 

Chicco Keyfit 30 Car Seat- Specifications 

  • Size- 17x22x24 inches.
  • Latch tightener with SuperCinch one pull 
  • Washable infant pads 
  • Weight- 10 pounds 
  • Supports babies weighing 4 to 30 pounds
  • Zip of canopy with adjustable features and supports multi positioning
  • Lined with EPS or energy absorption foam to increase the safety level
  • Meets all the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS 213)
  • Approved by FAA to use in aircraft
  • The fabric used can be hand and machine washed. 

Car Seat Base- Specification 

  • It could be reclined 
  • There is a similar latch tightener as KeyFit 30 
  • It weights 7.75 pounds 
  • Its size is 20x15x7 inches
  • RideRight indicators on either side of the seat 

Chicco Stroller Without A Carseat 

If you want to use chicco keyfit 30 stroller when to use without car seat, make sure your baby is under six months. To be seated in a stroller, the baby must reach the height of the headrest because if the baby doses off to sleep, the nodding head and cause severe neck injury. Thus, the head must be secured by the headrest. 

The right time to use a stroller without a car seat

The right time to make a baby sit in a stroller without a car seat is when they are 90 to 120 days or more. This time is subjective, as every baby has a different growth pace. A few babies might get strong enough to sit in the stroller before they hit the 90 days mark. 

While a few can take longer than 120 days. You do not need to be concerned if your baby is taking a little time. Have patience and let your baby grow as per as their own pace. In order to help your kid you can try to improve their gross motor skills so that they can adapt faster. 

How To Use A Stroller With A Newborn 

While you are getting a Chicco keyfit 30 stroller when to use without car seat  for your newborn before they are 2 months old, the first and foremost thing that you need to look for is a reclining option. As the baby’s neck is not strong enough for a two-month-old and they have not learned to sit, recliners are the best options to look for.

Tips To Buy A Stroller 

A parent’s first notion is to get the best one for their baby. A stroller best for a parent who travels a lot might not be your piece of cake. If you leave in the suburban parts of the city with steep roads, you might want to have an all-terrain stroller. 

1. Consider Your Location 

Where you reside will decide how strong of a stroller you need. For the urban clans, it is suggested that they invest in a strong and sturdy stroller. It will withstand the roughness of the pavements. 

Make sure that you select a foldable one, as you might need to pass a channel, store it in your wardrobe or toss it in your car’s trunk. 

2. Consider Your Way Of Living

Choose a stroller that will be convenient to your needs, depending on the way you live. For example, if you are constantly traveling and can not muster up the courage to leave your baby behind, opt for traveler strollers. Similarly, if you are a jogger, a jogging stroller will end your call and so on. 

3. Multitasker 

A stroller can be a multitasker too. Apart from carrying your baby on these baby carts, look for features like how many pockets they have to store your baby’s daily needs, if it has a cup holder, a rain cover, a sun shade, etc. 

4. Check for safety features 

Look for features like locks on the wheels, safety belts, floating indicators, etc., when you are looking to purchase a stroller. These are the initial things that need your attention when you will be buying a stroller. 


To summarize, when can baby sit in stroller without car seat chicco depends on the age of the baby. Another point to consider is is the stroller is designed to support a newborn. If you are looking for car seats with strollers, let the baby be 4 to 6 months before you invest in one of those. Your baby’s size and weight is also a factor that decides the right time.


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