How to Adjust Straps on Mockingbird Stroller

When you become parents, the most exciting period is about to start. You will need to start all of the products that help you in making life easy. Mocking Bird is providing you with many accessories about your child’s life like the stroller, stroller parts, etc. Mockingbird brings attractive designs and very good quality products and very reasonable price. The mockingbird provides delivery on your home door. If you are customers of the mockingbird and you want the safety of your children. Then each parent wants to find out how to adjust the straps on the mockingbird stroller.

Easy way to stroll:

The mockingbird is providing a very new way to stroll. The mockingbird stroller is very easy to stroll, if you are holding a diaper bag in one hand and a coffee cup in another hand, Mocking bird will work easily.

The mockingbird knows how parents are making decisions about strollers, and how to manage these tasks in their difficult routine. Therefore The Mocking Bird delivers your stroller on your door.

How to adjust straps on mockingbird stroller?

If you want to adjust your stroller strap the right way, it is very easy to adjust your stroller straps. You just collect the information about straps on the mockingbird stroller. All brands provide pamphlets about their product for your convenience. Mockingbird designs their stroller as very comfortable and easy to use. But obviously, like any other stroller, mockingbird stroller straps can be tested to adjust straps correctly. Many parents ask questions about how to adjust straps on the mockingbird. Here are some steps for your convenience. And also give you some easy tips on adjust the straps on the mockingbird stroller. These instructions will make your life easy with your baby.

First of all, you want to know what you will need to adjust the strap on the mockingbird.

To adjust your straps properly on your mockingbird stroller, you will need some basics items for example:

  • Obviously a mockingbird stroller
  • Two sharp knives or a pair of good scissors.
  • A meter stick or a measuring tape.

Some basic tools which are used in any adjusting the straps, like a wrench, cutter, or screwdriver.

Once you have collect these items, For a perfect adjustment, simply follow these steps for adjust straps on the mockingbird stroller.

Here are most easy 10 steps for adjust your straps on the mockingbird stroller

Step 1. Correct size:

Before adjusting your straps on mockingbird stroller, always check on size that size is perfect for your kid. Like other brand`s straps, mockingbird stroller also have different sizes in straps. And it’s compulsory to choose the correct size for your baby stroller. If you want to know more information about size, you should read the pamphlet in the product box. or you can contact the client office. They will guide you perfectly. For your child’s protection, correct size is very important.

Step 2. Size of flaps:

Once you get the correct size of straps, then check to make sure that the flaps are set up properly. Each flapper will always be at 45-degree angle from your mockingbird stroller and should not overlap and should not hit against each other. Make sure the straps are not curved or caught in any way.

Step 3. You need to get a proper measurements:

You should get proper measurements to adjust straps on mocking bird stroller. To do this, take a measuring tape and measure your child from the top of your child’s shoulders to the children’s hip bone. This method will give you a accurate idea, that how much length will you need for a proper adjust straps on mocking bird stroller.

Step 4. Shoulder straps adjustment:

After collecting your measurements of shoulders, adjust the straps appropriately. If your stroller has two straps, do not forget to adjust them to be even with each other.

Step 5. Hip straps adjustment:

After adjusting your shoulder strap, now you need to adjust the hip strap for perfect fit. You will use a screwdriver for tightening it. You will pull from the end of the loose strap and then tighten it with the help of a wrench or a screwdriver.

Step 6. Check the remaining length.

Keep in mind that do not make your straps very loose. If you remain too long, they will be uncomfortable for you. And obviously unsafe for your child. After adjusting your straps, you should have at least one or two inches of strap length. This strap length will give yourself some flexibility.

Step 7. Fitting test of your straps:

If you want the test your stroller strap`s fitting. Buckle your child into the seat and pull each strap one by one. Make sure that straps are not loose or slip out from their place.

Step 8. Final check and adjustments:

After all, adjustments, if you notice your straps are loose or tight, check again and adjust proper. Make sure don’t tie over, it may cause your baby to hurt.

Step 9. Extra accessories addition:

Many strollers hase extra accessories for your child. Like harnesses or tiny hookes. If you want to use any kind of accessories make sure everything is safe and secure for your child.

Step 10. Take out your children and have fun:

If your stroller straps are adjusted properly, and all accessories are in their own place then you are ready to go out with your little one.

Advantages of adjusting mockingbird stroller straps:

  • There are many advantages of mockingbird stroller straps.
  • If you will adjust your stroller properly, it will be more protective and help to prevent injuries.
  • A proper adjustment of your stroller gives you and your baby full comfort.
    When the straps are adjusted properly, it will be easy to control your baby stroller. This will make it more convenient for you as you want.

FAQS about how to adjust straps on mockingbird stroller:

Q1. How can I tighten the mockingbird stroller straps?
Just hold the slide adjuster in the fingers of one hand and pull the back part of the strap with the other hand from the adjuster.

Q2. How can I adjust the mockingbird stroller straps properly?
Hold the hook of the strap and press. After that pull another side of the strap. Then adjust the straps accordingly.

Q3.Can I adjust the straps in the car seat?
Yes, you can adjust your mockingbird straps in your car. Safety is a must for your children.


The mockingbird strollers are the most popular stroller among all strollers. But the most confusing thing is how to adjust the straps on the mockingbird stroller. But it is very easy to adjust. Follow all instructions and take out your baby and Have fun.


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