Jeep Powerglyde Stroller Review

Parents know that lightweight strollers are a boon if they are habituated to traveling or even running errands is made easier with these exclusively lightweight baby carts. Thus, if you are looking to get more insights about this stroller, this blog post is a walk-through jeep powerglyde stroller review that will help you in getting more information about these strollers. 

A thorough research about the stroller will help you to get an idea about how useful these strollers are. They are nowhere reviewed below four-point five ratings. Parents are overwhelmed about its convenience and can not stop expressing good jeep powerglyde stroller review

So if you are keen to know more about the Jeep Powerglyde lightweight stroller, delve deeper into the reviews of this stroller and make up your mind whether you should or should not get it for your baby. 

Jeep Powerglyde Stroller Specifications

If you want to have an over-the-top review of these strollers, then reading these specifications and comparing them with other strollers will help you understand why they are so convenient. 

The specification here includes the physical structure of the stroller. 

  • The stroller weighs 16.7 pounds. 
  • The height of this stroller is 43 inches.
  • The weight capacity of Jeep Powerglyde is 50 pounds. 
  • It allows a reclining position of up to 4.
  • The fabric type of this stroller is polyester. 
  • The framework is made of aluminum. 
  • The safety harness has 5 points. 
  • The is an expandable UPF50 sun canopy. 

Features Discussed In Details 

Now that you have got an overview of the specification that the jeep powerglyde stroller recline offers, people who like to go in-depth might want to read the review in detail. 

Further, in this post, all the features are discussed.

Canopy And Seat 

If you have a toddler between 5 to 6 years of age and weigh 50 pounds, this stroller will solve all your “traveling with the baby problems.” The seating capacity is comfortable and quite spacious, so your baby will feel extremely comfortable. So comfortable that they might not want to get down (wink). 

The recycling position goes up to 4, and you can make your baby lay in the stroller. They can relax and even fall asleep without any discomfort when they are seated in this stroller. 

Keeping in mind the comfort of the stroller, the Jeep Powerglyde has a canopy that will save your kiddo from the harsh winds, sun, or maybe a sudden downpour. 

Weight And Size Of Jeep Powerglyde 

As mentioned in the table, it weighs around 16.7 pounds. Thus, carrying it will be an easy task. The foldable feature of this stroller even makes it better when it comes to traveling from one place to another. 

The jeep powerglyde occupies a much lesser place than other strollers, so you can adjust them at the back of your car or anywhere in your home without any fuss. When folded, the size of the stroller becomes 9.5×6.7×41.7 making it fit inside your car smoothly. 

The stroller stands at the height of 43 inches, so parents of any height can easily use it without paining their backs. 

Tires and Brakes

The parents worry a lot about the tires and the safety features of a stroller, like brakes. The jeep glyde stroller has four wheels, and the tires are hard to puncture, can absorb shocks, and are suitable for any kind of terrain. Mountains or plains, you can glide your baby’s cart anywhere smoothly. As a stroller manufacturing company, the manufacturers know that the safety of the kids is the first thing that a parent seeks. Hence, they have amped up the game by adding brakes on the wheels, so the stroller will stay where you have last placed them. 

Storage Capacity 

A baby comes with a lot of baggage. You need a stroller that has a storage basket so that you can keep your baby’s stuff inside it. Things like water bottles, diapers, food, or medicines are regular that your baby will need when you are out on a stroll. 

You might also want to keep your purse or any other thing you might be carrying inside the storage basket. 

The Jeep powerglyde is even more convenient because it has a storage unit. The material used for making the storage basket is mesh, and it can hold up to 10 pounds of weight. The storage basket is installed in such a way that you can access it from behind. So now you can carry your kid and their baggage without worrying!

Quality Of The Stoller 

These strollers are made up of aluminum frames. It is not unknown that aluminum is lightweight and sturdy. Further, the fabric that is used in its making is quite comfortable for the baby and good quality too. Given the price of the stroller, it is not only lightweight and convenient but also the quality of the stroller is hardy. 

User Friendly 

While every product has its downside, these strollers are too. This blog post is a jeep powerglyde stroller review, so here are a few downsides discussed too.

You might get a bit disappointed when it comes to installing the stroller. Locking and unlocking the wheels can be a tricky business while installing. But this glitch is a minor one, as you will not be doing it regularly. It is a problem that you will face only when you are installing the stroller. They are extremely maneuverable. You can fold and unfold the canopy whenever you need it. Furthermore, the wheels of the stroller have a steady grip. So no wobbling like Nody

After folding, the size shrinks just perfectly so that you can fit them in any place you want. The wheels are detachable, but as said earlier, they are a bit tricky to install, ensuring that you keep the wheels intact. 

Things You Must Know While Folding 

If you are a parent who needs to travel a lot, it is going to be your holy grail stroller! The jeep power glide stroller is a fine one that folds easily and is lightweight, so you can carry them easily. 

You might face a bit of difficulty when it comes to folding and unfolding, but all you need is a bit of practice and wallah! You will be a pro. 

If you are still worrying about the folding mechanism, here is a mini guide that will help you:

  • Close the canopy 
  • You can use your feet to push up the locking mechanism 
  • There is a secondary lock beneath the storage basket. After pushing up the primary lock, push the secondary lock. 
  • Finally, drag the stroller down to fold it. There is an auto-lock mechanism, so once folded, you are done. 

Guide to unfolding the stroller:

  • There are auto-lock hooks that you have to unlock 
  • Pull the stroller upwash and drag the primary lock downwards. Onboard your baby for mission traveling. 

Good points 

1. These strollers are affordable. 

2. Storage basket available.

3. Foldable. . 

4. Extremely lightweight. 

5. Super build-up quality. 

6. Excellent mobility. 

7. Has an extendable UPF50 canopy.

Points to Reflect 

1. Only to be used for toddlers who are nine months or above.

2. Tricky folding mechanism. 

Reasons To Get A Jeep Powerglyde Stroller 

If you are looking for a cheaper option, this $90 stroller is the best that you will get. The features like lightweight, mobility, storage unit, and excellent wheels and brakes make it work for every penny you spend. 

As per guidelines, if you have a kid below nine months, it is not suitable for them as the head and neck of your infant are not strong enough. You should not put them in a semi or half-reclining stroller.  

Further, the seats are not cushiony or soft, making them unsuitable for infants. 

If you are concerned about the shortcoming of this stroller, here is an idea, make it a secondary option! Keep this stroller for traveling purposes, as this is the best option when you are on the run. 


The Delta childrens jeep powerglyde plus stroller reviews in this blog post are well-researched and tested. If you are planning a quick runabout, this is the best option to opt for. It is also considered best for a sidekick stroller if you are planning to have a trip or you need to travel a lot. The lightweight and foldable feature of this stroller makes it perfect for travel. Although the price is on lower steep, this stroller did not compromise on quality. You can visit all the stroller-selling sites like Amazon or Target and view parents’ testimonials after using this stroller. 

To sum up in simple words, Jeep powerglyde is the best stroller at the price it is offering you. If you want to opt for a cheaper and lightweight option go for it. 

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