How to Clean Bob Stroller (Easy to Follow Steps)

Bob stroller is the best product for active families. Every family has a need stroller for outdoor activities and anywhere they want to go. To beat this need two men created this stroller and also make many accessories about this stroller.

About this How to Clean Bob Stroller

SMOOTH IN RIDING: The system of the bob stroller is very good to use. The system of Bob stroller provides an extra smooth ride in any kind of place, tires with excellent filling of air, and a good suspension system. FITTING PERFECTION: Handlebar of the bob stroller is perfect. This handlebar is adjustable and any height of parents can fit according their comfort.

SPACE ISSUE: This bob stroller has not space issue because 6 extra pockets has provided from company. And even one basket has also included in this package. You can put your mobile phone, your bag and any food item.

COMFORTABLE FOR YOUR CHILD: The seat of bob stroller is extra padded which is fully comfortable for all the day. Your child will feel easy in this bob stroller. INCLUDING TRAVEL SYSTEM: If you will comparison bob stroller with other brands, you will see that the bob stroller have car seat adapter.

FOLDING SYSTEM OF BOB STROLLER: You can fold and unfold to this stroller. It has a manual fold lock and straps that hold with tight.

BRAKES OF STROLLER: Stroller has good brakes. You can easily manage your stroller. You can stop your stroller anywhere you want. And different versions with different changes are available.

SHADE CANOPY: The canopy on the top is providing shade to your child. This canopy will protect your child with sun and also from rain. And it is also visible.

DIMENSIONS: The weight and dimensions of bob stroller is perfect. You can carry your stroller in your car anywhere.


Bob stroller is best choice for parent which is also affordable. If you will good take care of your bob stroller then it will be good for a long time. Every product needs good care. You have to need to learn how to clean your bob stroller. Here are some tips for cleaning your products. You can read pamphlet about your product for your convenient.


  • A soft cloth
  • Any detergent solution and any soap
  • One old toothbrush
  • A small pot or bucket
  • Pair of gloves. If you have any kind of infection, you can use gloves.


  • First of all, you wear gloves on your hands. Gloves will protect you from chemicals. And you will safe from harmful items.
  • Take a bucket and mix well the solution of detergent or any kind of soup. It will help you in remove stains.
  • And take a tooth brush and dip it in detergent water, hold the straps tightly, and rub them with brush. The brush will clean your straps perfectly.
  • Scrub channels with tooth brush and rub to the texture finely. Scrub the straps for remove the hard durt
  • Shake well the stroller seat to remove the dirt. You can wipe out the seat with the wet wipe.
  • If you have a hand vacuum cleaner it will be good for clean your stroller seat.
  • Take a scrubber and scrub slowly on your stroller parts. You can start from back seat, gently rub your seat, then back seat, stroller legs, scrub from corners and remove stains with sponge like vomit, milk split or any kind of dirt.
  • Again you can use a scrubber to clean your stroller tiers. Scrub hardly on tiers to remove dirt or any kind of mud. You can use a toothbrush to clean dirt from grooves of tiers.
  • Make sure you scrub all parts of bob stroller correctly.
  • Once you are done with your scrub with soapy water then wash the whole stroller with clean water and remove all detergent from the stroller
  • And after that use soft cloth and wipe out extra water from stroller. Make sure your stroller steel parts are clean. Do not left water on steel parts.
  • Use sponge for small places. Because scrubber cannot reach in small places, and stains does not remove..
  • After all, this procedure put your stroller on sun for dry properly.


Q1: Can I wash the stroller fabric in machine? Yes, you can wash the fabric in washing machine with no fear. It is very safe. Fabric will not damage after wash.

Q2: Can I sanitize the stroller? Yes, you can sanitize the stroller. Make sure that stroll is empty, remove all toys and any stuff like cushions, baby clothes, etc.

Q3: Can we tune up bob stroller? You can tune up your bob stroller. You can remove wheel and inspect that what is condition of wheels and then you can fix any kind of damage and also can repairs.

Q4: Can we use stroller on daily basis? Yes you can use this bob stroller on daily basis. This bob stroller`s power is perfect. You can use this bob stroller in market, grocery stores and shopping malls.


The bob stroller is the best choice of parents for their child. This bob stroller is easy to hold and also easy to use. You should good take care of your stroller. Bob stroller provides you an easy outdoor life; your child will feel comfortable. Cleaning of stroller is must. Your child will safe after cleaning. It is very easy to clean. You can clean at home easily.


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