Can I Take a Stroller on Easyjet

When it comes to travelling with young children, one of the primary concerns for parents is ensuring their comfort and convenience throughout the journey.

But one question in their minds can I take a stroller on Easyjet? This article provides information so you can make your travel experience hassle-free.

One who wants to travel with Easyjet thinks can I take a stroller on EasyJet? The good news is that EasyJet allows strollers on their flights.

In this guide, we will explore the uses, benefits, tips and policies for taking a stroller on an EasyJet flight.

Understanding EasyJet’s stroller policy is essential for parents. You should know the rules and guidelines in advance. Then you can prepare yourself according to that rules. It ensures a seamless travel experience.

Easyjet airlines:

EasyJet is a British airline that was established in 1995. It operates both domestic and international flights. This airline is famous for its affordable fares.

In this article, a person can get all answers to his confusion about can i take a stroller on EasyJet.

Awareness about Easyjet :

He should know the policies and rules of EasyJet. Then he can travel with no confusion. because familiarity with the policy helps a person avoid any surprises, additional charges, or unnecessary inconveniences at the airport.

The airline operates short-haul flights within Europe. It offers a  wide range of destinations across the continent.

They operate from various airports, including their main bases in London Gatwick, London Luton, and Manchester in the United Kingdom.

can I take a stroller on Easyjet: Detail review

EasyJet allows passengers to bring one collapsible stroller per child on their flights. The key requirement is that the stroller has compact and foldable features.

While EasyJet does not specify specific stroller brands or models, they provide general guidelines for the type of strollers.

Fully Collapsible: The stroller should have a design that allows it to fold up in an easy method. This feature ensures that the stroller can store in the aircraft hold during the flight.

Compact Size: The stroller should have a size that complies with EasyJet’s guidelines for carry-on and checked baggage. Each airline may have different size restrictions, so it’s important to review EasyJet’s official website or contact their customer service to check the specific dimensions allowed.

Lightweight: While EasyJet does not state weight restrictions for strollers, it’s generally recommended to choose a lightweight stroller for ease of handling 

it’s always advisable to review EasyJet’s official guidelines.

Suitable Stroller Brands for Easyjet flights.

When choosing a stroller for your EasyJet flight,  You should consider factors such as size, weight, durability, manoeuvrability, and comfort for your child.

The family who want to travel with Easyjet they think that. can I take a stroller on Easyjet? 

For those planning to fly with EasyJet, a popular low-cost airline in Europe. EasyJet does not have specific requirements or restrictions for stroller brands.

Here are some well-known stroller brands that offer models suitable for travel and storage on EasyJet flights:


Babyzen is a popular brand popular for its compact and lightweight strollers. Their YOYO series, including the YOYO2 and YOYO+ models. These offer easy folding and portability.


UPPAbaby is famous for its stylish and functional strollers. The UPPAbaby Vista and Cruz models provide convenience and versatility. It is compact enough for travel.


Bugaboo offers strollers that combine style and functionality. Their Bee and Ant models are lightweight and foldable, making them suitable for travel on EasyJet flights.


GB is a brand that specializes in compact and portable strollers. The GB Pockit series, including the Pockit and Pockit+ models. These are famous for their ultra-compact fold. 


Joie offers a variety of strollers designed for different needs. Their compact and lightweight models, such as the Nitro and Pact, are suitable for travel and storage on EasyJet flights.


Chicco is a famous brand. It offers a variety of strollers. Their compact and travel-friendly models, like the Liteway and Miinimo, are suitable for EasyJet flights.

Silver Cross:

Silver Cross is famous for its classic and durable strollers. They offer lightweight and compact options, such as the Jet and Zest, which makes travel convenient.

Mountain Buggy:

Mountain Buggy specializes in all-terrain and versatile strollers. Their compact and lightweight models, like the Nano and Mini, are suitable for travel on EasyJet flights.


Quinny offers stylish and practical strollers. The Quinny Zapp Xtra and Yezz models are compact and easily foldable, making them suitable for travel.

These brands are well-regarded in the industry for their travel-friendly strollers. But it’s important to note that EasyJet’s policies do not endorse any particular brand.

Important note:

It’s important to note that while these brands are well-known for their travel-friendly strollers, always double-check EasyJet’s official website or contact their customer service for any specific requirements or restrictions regarding stroller brands or models. This will ensure that you select a stroller that aligns with EasyJet’s guidelines and ensures a hassle-free travel experience.

Benefits of Taking a Stroller on EasyJet:

When you know about can I take a stroller on Easyjet, then you should know about its benefits.

Convenience: Bringing a stroller allows you to transport your child through the airport, making it more manageable to navigate check-in, security checks, and boarding.

Comfort for the Child: Strollers provide a familiar and comfortable space for your child, enabling them to relax and rest during the journey.

Practicality: Strollers offer extra storage space for essential items such as diaper bags, snacks, and personal belongings, keeping everything within reach.

Mobility at the Destination: Once you land, having a stroller available allows you to explore the destination 

EasyJet’s Stroller Policy:

If you are travelling with a baby. you might be thinking can i take a stroller on easyjet Yes  Absolutely, but there are some policies which we will discuss below.

Good news for parents: EasyJet allows passengers to bring strollers on their flights. The airline understands the importance of accommodating families with young children and strives to make the journey as comfortable as possible.

Policy Rules:

Collapsible Design: The stroller must be fully collapsible to facilitate storage in the aircraft hold.

Baggage Allowances: EasyJet generally allows one cabin bag per passenger in addition to the stroller.

Storage: While you can bring a stroller on board, it will store in the hold during the flight. You can take it up to the aircraft door. After landing, the stroller will available for collection in the baggage reclaim area.

Tips for Traveling with a Stroller on EasyJet:

After getting your answer, can I take a stroller on Easyjet? There are some tips below that you should follow :

Check EasyJet’s Website: 

Before your journey, visit EasyJet’s official website to review their stroller policy, as well as any updates or changes that may have occurred since the publication of this article. 

Prepare the Stroller: 

Ensure that your stroller is collapsible and in good working condition before your flight. Familiarize yourself with the folding and unfolding mechanisms to make the process quick and efficient during boarding and disembarking.

Identify Your Stroller: 

To avoid confusion or mix-ups, consider labelling your stroller with your contact information. This can be especially helpful if your stroller stores separately during the flight or if it’s a popular model that other passengers may have.

The Importance of Taking a Stroller:

Taking a stroller on an EasyJet flight holds significant importance for parents.

Convenience for parents: Carrying a child for long periods can strain your back and arms. A stroller helps distribute the weight, making it easier for parents to move around.

Comfort for children: Strollers provide a safe and comfortable space for infants and toddlers to rest or sleep during transit. A stroller provides them with a familiar and comfortable space, reducing stress and fatigue.

Mobility: Strollers make it easier to navigate through airports, saving you from carrying your child throughout the terminal.

Storage: Strollers offer storage compartments, allowing you to keep essential items such as diapers, snacks, and toys within reach.

Security: Strollers provide a secure space to keep your child in crowded areas, ensuring their safety while travelling.

Easy transportation: Strollers are collapsible and lightweight, making them convenient to transport through airports and on board the aircraft.

FAQs – Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: Can I take a stroller on Easyjet

 A: Yes, EasyJet allows strollers on their flights.

Q2: Do strollers count as part of my luggage allowance? 

A: No, strollers count as extra items and do not count towards your luggage allowance.

Q3: Can I use the stroller during the flight?

 A: No, strollers can not use during the flight. They store in the aircraft hold.


 This article explains the question: can I take a stroller on EasyJet? Yes, Travelling with a stroller on an EasyJet flight is not only allowed but highly recommended for parents. Strollers give a secure space to keep your child in crowded areas, ensuring their safety while travelling. Strollers provide convenience, comfort, and peace of mind throughout the journey.  They are essential for navigating airports. Remember to review your airline’s policies and guidelines to ensure a hassle-free travel experience for you and your little one.

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