Is Stroller Allowed in Flight

Explore the world of travelling with strollers. Learn about airline policies and the features that make a stroller flight-friendly. Most parents have a question: is stroller allowed in flight ? the answer is yes; 

Travelling with a newborn baby is a challenging experience. But when parents decide to travel by flight their main concern, is stroller allowed in flight . Or can parents bring their baby’s stroller on the flight? 

Yes, most airlines permit strollers. However, the policy can vary with each airline. Some allow you to take the stroller to the gate, where it is then gate-checked, while others require you to check it in with your luggage at the check-in counter.

The good news is, most airlines do allow strollers.  Let’s explore the ins and outs of flying with strollers.

Features to take stroller for flight :

When selecting a stroller for air travel, consider the following features:

Size: Compact strollers are ideal for travel. Some airlines allow strollers to take into the cabin if they fit in the overhead compartment.

Weight: Lightweight strollers can be a boon when navigating through airports.

Ease of Folding: A stroller that can be quickly and easily folded is crucial when dealing with security checks and boarding.

Manoeuvrability: A stroller that is easy to push and manoeuvre can make airport navigation less stressful.

Reasons to know : is stroller allowed in flight 

Convenience: A stroller makes it easier to move your child around the airport.

Rest: It provides a comfortable space for your child to rest or sleep.

Storage: A stroller has the more capacity to carry luggage.

Permissions and Policies :

While most airlines allow strollers, the specifics can vary:

First of all, there is a need  to know that, is stroller allowed in flight ? mostly airlines allow it but check with your desired airline where you want to travel. Following are some guidelines which user follows 

Stroller Check-In: Some airlines requires to check strollers in at the counter, while others allow gate-checking.

Size and Weight: There are some restrictions on the size and weight of the stroller .

Number of Strollers: Some airlines allow one stroller per child, while others have different policies.

Why is it important to know whether is stroller allowed in flight  ?

Understanding airline stroller policies is crucial for parents planning to travel with young children. It prepares the users  for the journey and helps them avoid any difficulties at the airport.

For example, if an airline requires you to check strollers at the counter. Parents might want to have a baby carrier on hand to transport their child through the airport.

Also, knowing these policies can influence which stroller parents decide to bring –

The process to pass the stroller from airlines for flight :

Taking a stroller on a flight can greatly ease your travel experience with a child. However, the process varies by airline. Here is a general step-by-step guide to help you navigate through the process

Step 1: Check the Airline’s Stroller Policy

Before you even pack your stroller, check the airline’s stroller policy. This should be available on their website or by contacting customer service. The policy will give you information about the size and type of stroller that can carry, as well as any other restrictions.

Step 2: Pack Your Stroller

If your stroller is going for check, make sure you remove any accessories that can damage or lost .A travel bag protects your stroller from dirt or any damage.

Step 3 : Arrival at the Airport

Arrival at the airport can take plenty of time. If your stroller is small enough to carry on. you’ll take it through security. If not, you may need to check it at the ticket counter.

Step 4: Go Through Security

If you’re taking the stroller through security, you’ll need to fold it and put it on the X-ray belt. If it doesn’t fit, a security officer will inspect it by hand.

Step 5: Proceed to the Gate

User  can use stroller to carry his child to the gate after security check . This can be a lifesaver during long walks in large airports.

Step 6: Gate-Check Your Stroller

You must gate check your stroller  if it is too large to carry. For a gate check tag, ask a gate attendant. Before boarding on the flight, attach the tag on the stroller and leave it at the end of the jetway . Stroller should be folded before boarding.

Step 7: Pick Up Your Stroller After Landing

Once you’ve landed, you’ll typically pick up your stroller at the same place you dropped it off — at the end of the jetway. Some airlines may require you to pick it up at baggage claim instead, so check the airline’s policy.

Remember, every airline has its policy, so these steps might differ slightly. It’s always a good idea to check the policy ahead of time and ask any questions if you’re unsure.

Tips for Travelling with a Stroller :

After knowing, is stroller allowed in flight ? The following tips effectively guide you.

Clean Your Stroller: Ensure your stroller is clean before travelling. Fold it and place it with other items.

Remove Accessories: Remove all accessories from the stroller before checking them in to prevent them from getting lost or damaged.

Use of Travel Bag : A travel bag protects your stroller from dirt or any damage.

Benefits of  Using Stroller :

Comfort for Your Child: A stroller provides a familiar and comfortable space for your child during the hustle and bustle of travel.

Ease for Parents: It allows parents to move freely without carrying their child or car seat all the time.

Types of Strollers in flights

Umbrella Strollers : These types of strollers  have the quality : 

  • Lightweight 
  • Easy to fold 

 These are ideal for travelling 

Travel Systems:  These travel system strollers have compatible car seat .They are usually heavier but offer more convenience. Example: Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System

Compact Strollers: These strollers are small and lightweight for travel. Some can even fit in the overhead compartment. Example: GB Pockit Lightweight Stroller.

Jogging Strollers: These are generally not recommended for air travel due to their size and weight.

Advantages of Using Strollers in Flights

After knowing, is stroller allowed in flight , It gives you satisfaction when you know about that there are several benefits to bringing a stroller when you’re flying with a child 

Ease of Movement: Airports can be large and crowded, and having a stroller can make moving from one place to another much easier. This can be especially helpful if you have a long layover or if your child is too young or too tired to walk long distances.

Resting Place for Child: Flights and the associated activities can be exhausting for little ones. A stroller gives your child a comfortable place to rest or even take a nap.

Hands-Free Convenience: A stroller allows you to keep your child safe and close while leaving your hands free to carry luggage, show documents at check-in and security, or grab a bite to eat.

Extra Storage: Strollers often come with storage baskets that can carry diaper bags, toys, snacks, or other carry-on items.

Cost-Effective: Most airlines do not charge extra for checking in a stroller, making it a cost-effective way to ensure your child’s comfort during travel.

Remember, the process of checking in or carrying on a stroller can vary depending on the airline.

So , it’s important to know about an airline’s policies from time to time. With the right preparation, ones’ can improve the quality of your air travel experience with a child.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)

Can I take my stroller to the gate? 

Yes , Upon arrival, it will be gate-checked and returned to you at the gate or in the jetway.

Is any restriction on the size of stroller ?

Airlines often have restrictions on the size and type of strollers. Some airlines have specific size requirements, especially for strollers that are put in the cabin.

 is stroller allowed in flight ?

Yes,  Most airlines do allow strollers.

Can we use our strollers during layovers?

If your stroller has been gate-checked, you should be able to request for it to be returned to you during a layover. This can depend on the specific airline‘s policy, though, so it’s best to check.


Travelling with a stroller can make your journey more comfortable, but it’s important to understand the airline’s policies to avoid any hiccups.

This article explains all about: is stroller allowed in flight ,Yes, but remember always check the airline’s stroller policy when booking your flight. Select a stroller that meets your travel needs and complies with the airline’s rules. With the right preparation, ones’ can improve the quality of your air travel experience with a child.


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