When Can A Baby Ride In A Stroller

Doesn’t it seem yesterday that your little one came to your lap, and now you are wondering, when can I put my baby in a stroller To be precise, there is no specific time or age to put your baby in a stroller. It is their growth and the ability to cope which decides when they are ready to go for a walk in the park in a stroller. 

The points discussed here are when can a baby ride in a stroller, a guide to buying a stroller and types of strollers and their main features. 

When can a baby ride in a stroller?

Generally, when a baby can support their head without wobbling like Noddy and sit up straight for a few minutes, you can put them in a stroller. It is usually an age between 90 to 120 days. But for a few babies, the time might vary. 

If the baby takes more time than that, and you are wondering when can a baby go in a stroller, there is nothing to worry about. You might worry yourself thinking about all the babies you know who started using strollers in the third month. Do not stress yourself out. Every baby grows at a different rate, the same as a plant sapling. Instead, try to work on the gross motor skills of your baby so that they can go out on a stroller ride as soon as they can. 

Some parents want to use strollers for various reasons. Using strollers is very convenient and advantageous. If you want to incorporate its uses as soon as you can, ensure the stroller has a reclining feature. It will support the neck and head of the baby. These strollers are known as bassinet strollers. 

Guide to buying a stroller

There are quite a few considerations to take note of when looking for a stroller for your baby. Things like the budget, type, convenience, and a few other notes that need attention. Here are mentioned 8 significant things to consider while you are on a stroller hunt. 

1. Budget for a Stroller

We know as a parent, your first notion will be money does not matter when it comes to your baby’s needs. However, even the smallest savings does not hurt anyone. Or if you are a maximalist who chooses things larger than life, it can not hurt either. 

However, the range of the stroller depends on the features it has got and the band it belongs to. For a better shopping experience and to know when can a baby ride in a stroller, stick to the features you want in your stroller. 

2. Safety feature

Your baby’s safety is your top priority. While you are getting a stroller, check if the wheels have locks or not. Locks in the wheels could be a savior in many situations. 

3. Consider your lifestyle

The market is flooded with various kinds of strollers. If you are a busybody and have to be on the wheels for a long, getting a stroller with car seat belts is recommended.

If you are a runner or love to go for jogs, why not give your baby a taste of high speed? Jogging strollers will give you and your baby a lovely time. 

There are numerous varieties available on the market considering the varying needs of the parents. You simply need to give an idea about your lifestyle to the salesperson and they can help you get the right one for you. 

4. Sort the baby’s needs 

When you go out for errands or any other purpose with your baby, we know that they come with a lot of luggage. Carrying your purse and baby’s bag, and the stroller with the baby can get you into a cumbersome situation. 

You can cut short the number of things you are carrying and put your baby’s stuff inside the stroller. Make sure the stroller has a place for keeping their bottles or cups and also chambers to keep baby’s stuff like diapers, medication, swaddle, etc. 

5. Foldable and lightweight

A stroller without a foldable feature will clutter your house. Thus, invest in a foldable stroller to keep it precise and store it without any hassle. 

Your need and the circumstances might demand you to fold and carry the stroller from place to place. Also, a heavy stroller will be a hassle if you are on the go. 

With time the stroller manufacturers are becoming more vigilant about the parent’s needs. There are lightweight and foldable strollers that will help you to carry these baby transportation machines wherever you go. 

Different Types of Strollers

With all the information mentioned in the above sections, you have learned the basic guide to buying a stroller. For further clarity about when can babies ride in a stroller, we have mentioned different types of strollers along with their special features.

1. Jogging Strollers 

As mentioned earlier, a jogging stroller is a thing for parents who love going for outdoor walks and runs. These strollers come with special features like lightweight. The wheels in a jogger stroller are different from other strollers. 

A jogger stroller will have a big wheel in front and two at the back. The wheels are designed in such a way as to work smoothly even on a bumpy surface. 

2. Travelers Strollers 

Travell enthusiast parent will meet their dreams when they keep an eye on the lightweight and travel-friendly strollers. These minimalist baby-carrying carts are easy to store at any place you want. They have changed the game for parents who live life throwing challenges to the wind. 

3. All-Terrian Strollers 

If you are a mountain soul or you have rocky and steep roads, these strollers will make it easiest to carry your baby. You can easily push or pull them as they have three or four big wheels filled with air and guarded by rubber tiers. 

The specialty of these strollers is their mobility. For safety precautions, they also have a wheel lock. 

Safety measures to keep a baby in a stroller

Here are a few safety measures to take into consideration if you are worried about when can i put my baby in a stroller

  • Buy a stroller with edges that are lifted upwards. It will not allow the baby to lean and fall. 
  • Check for brakes and locks when you are using the stroller. Or there are chances that it will roll, creating a devastating situation. 
  • But a stroller that has a harness inside it. Always buckle your baby when they are inside the stroller. 
  • If you have gone shopping with your baby in a stroller, do not keep things inside the stroller or hand anything in the handle of the stroller. It is not a shopping cart. 
  • Take a close look before you fold the stroller. Often a baby keeps their finger while folding. 


Pregnancy can keep you indoors for months. But the truth is— you cannot travel outdoors frequently even after the baby is born. And if your baby is ready for the stroller, it’s time to get some activities done. 

Firstly, the baby should have strong muscles and a stable neck and head before using a stroller. Secondly, you should keep in mind the essential things while making the purchase for your baby. Thirdly, consider your lifestyle before you buy a stroller. Additionally, these safety measures are sure to make your raising journey easier.


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