How Long to Use Bassinet Stroller

Do you have a baby at your home? Do you need a bassinet for stroller? In this fast-paced world where everything happens within a speck of time. This has made our life hectic and for someone as a parent, it’s quite tiring to manage both work and babies at home. To make the environment for the baby calm and peaceful there are various bassinet strollers in the market available to use.

A bassinet stroller is similar to a crib with a shield attached to it. It has a flat, cozy area for newborns and infants to sleep. It is a baby’s cozy bed on wheels. and also has side space to keep extra baby kinds of stuff. This helps to give baby shade especially if you are going to take it out in the sunshine. Some strollers can also be converted into regular ones as the baby grows, making them more affordable, convenient, and cost-effective for the parent.

Do I need bassinet stroller? If you are still asking this question to yourself, then you should read this article.

Is a bassinet stroller really needed?

Do I need a stroller bassinet? To be able to answer this question, you must first determine if you need to go to work every day. On a long walk do you want your baby to take a long nap or just snooze? A bassinet stroller is a comfortable option both for the baby and you. You can do your work hassle-free and also move the baby comfortably in the stroller wherever you go. Today, many families are opting for bassinet strollers.

Benefits of a Bassinet Stroller

  1. Bassinet strollers are quite often lightweight which makes them easy to handle and transport. 
  2. The flat comfortable bassinet’s cushion makes sure that the baby doesn’t roll and sleep without shifting while moving.
  3. It doesn’t require additional baby gear as it provides a safe and comfortable space.
  4. It is Convenient for parents as they can keep a check on their baby while moving or at work.
  5. For new parents it is helpful in their fourth-trimester healing. 

Can your baby sleep in a bassinet stroller?

Absolutely. Some bassinet strollers are safe for overnight sleeping. If you monitor the sleeping of your baby according to the safe sleep practices recommended for home sleep, it will be safe for your baby to sleep in it. You can also leave your baby at your in-laws or grandparents’ house while taking a nap, meanwhile, you can finish off your home chores or just attend a party.

What are the benefits of lying flat position for the baby? How is it useful for their spinal and hip development?

According to pediatric physiotherapists, a baby should sleep in a flat position for the natural development of the spine. A baby’s spine develops naturally when lying in a flat position. If you forcefully make a baby sit up in a stroller, then you can compromise with the position. A newborn spine is fixed in the shape of a C. It takes time to change the position of the spine from C to S. It naturally grows when it is kept in a lie-flat position.

Things to Look at When Buying a Bassinet Stroller?

There is a wide array of choices provided by sellers from whom you can buy your bassinet stroller from. In addition to their availability in both online and offline marketplaces, you can find strollers in different colors and quality. So, before buying a bassinet stroller for your baby, you should take the following points in your mind:

  1. Durability: check the warranty of the stroller and make sure it is meticulously crafted, designed, and tested. It should meet quality standards.
  2. High-quality materials are used that are durable.
  3. See, if it is machine-washable fabric. Its fabric could easily be detached and washed in the washing machine.
  4. Also, ensure adaptability. A bassinet stroller should comfortably be converted into a stroller.
  5. A bassinet stroller must have up-to-date safety standards with extra measures. The cushion should be of soft fabric that will aid the baby to fall asleep easily.
  6. It should have an easy steering feature for easily moving the bassinet wherever you want.
  7. It should be spacious with an extra pocket organizer to keep all the goodies and kinds of stuff that are needed by the baby when out on a stroll.
  8. Also, see if it has extra space for a cup holder and smartphone holder in it.

How Long To Use Stroller Bassinet?

Still wondering, how long to use the baby stroller or when to stop using the bassinet stroller? You might also consider the age, size, and weight of your baby to check when to stop using the bassinet stroller for your baby. The bassinet stroller is not for 3-6 months as they are able to sit. It is recommended mainly for newborns and infants who cannot help sitting on their own. The baby might need a stroller if it is over 6 months old. So, see that when your baby turns six months old as this is the age that most of the manufacturers of bassinet strollers don’t recommend. You need to observe when your baby is finally able to sit.

Also, keep a tab on the weight limit as specified by the manufacturers of the bassinet stroller. Because if the weight limit is breached it could have a serious safety concern for the baby. The bassinet stroller is designed for a specific age group, not just any baby.


A bassinet stroller is for anyone who has a baby and is seeking to make life more comfortable. This also gives proper rest to the baby. A bassinet stroller is a perfect choice for parents who have a baby between 3 to 6 months old. Also, different brands have their own guidelines that should be properly undertaken before buying. 

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